Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel cleaning is a service that we can provide for both residential and commercial customers. We are more than happy to provide you with a quote for your solar panel cleaning needs be it on a home or work premises to industrial or farm land with larger solar panel cleaning needs.

Why Solar panel cleaning helps?

The reason that it is important to keep your solar panel cleaning up to date is so that you are getting the maximum return on your investment. You can do this by keeping the solar panels clear of dust dirt and other residue such as birds mess which is one of the most common debris found when solar panel cleaning. But the general build up that can occur

solar panel cleaning

from particles of dust in the air and also the residue left behind from rain water is the reason we advise our customers and potential customer to have the solar panel cleaning done rather than not. Just think what your home, business windows are like after rain and then dry weather also the same with a car window. Even when using your car window spray and wipers as they don’t cover the full windscreen you can always see that residue of a dust film after rain and dry weather. This is the same type of film that builds up on the solar panels and the need for a good solar panel cleaning service to keep them clear, so they are able to take in the maximum input that they can.

Another reason why you should have solar panel cleaning done

As part of your contract with your solar panel supplier it is usually contained within the warranty or contract that you agree to keep the solar panels in a good order which includes the cleaning of them. With some contracts/warranties this is clear others it can be in the small print. If something goes wrong with your solar panels and they haven’t been maintained in the right way this can affect your warranty with the solar panel company which could be a costly expense.

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